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Mikoo is China’s best supplier of providing high quality, fast delivery, and excellent service to our customers all around the world. With more than 10 years of led light manufacturing experience, mikoo manufacturers have become a good choice.

Mikoo is a branch of the Lumenstar group, Mikoo is working on LED Strip Lights, LED Flex Neon lights, LED Rope Lights, and LED Christmas Lights, but not produce everything. We believe quality is the most important thing to keep the business growing, with professional production lines and skilled workers, ensure we produce good quality and efficient fast delivery.

Mikoo has been one of the best-led light manufacturers in China, Our LED lights passed CE, ROHS, ETL, and UL certifications for LED Strip Lights, LED Flex Neon lights, and LED Rope Lights, we can be your reliable partner in China, and 100% support your business.

Mikoo provides products for manufacturers, importers, distributors, wholesalers, traders, retailers, online shops, etc.

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Experienced Team to Rocket Your Business

Mikoo production team who have been working in LED lighting for more than 10years, the rich experience, practiced skills, and long teamwork makes them achieve production high quality and high-efficiency.

On average, Mikoo experienced sales team has worked in the LED lighting field for more than 5 years. They can understand the needs of customers well and can provide necessary assistance to customers according to their led industry experience.

Your inquiry will be replied to within 24working hours. Sample can be provided in 5-7days. Our production time is 15-25days for bulk production. Any complaint will be replied to in 24hours, solving within 48hours.

Strict Quality Control on Every Order

Our goal is to provide superior quality products and great service to our customers all over the world. Mikoo quality control team ensures the quality of every product, including SKD test (color temperature and CCT), Aging, finished products test before package. And double-check the quantity before shipment.

We do pre-production, in-production, and after-production quality checks on every order to ensure that the final lights are qualified when they reach our customers.

And its includes checking the details of each roll, such as logo, color, type, length, voltage, color temperature, and packaging. And double-check the quantity before shipment.

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One Stop LED lights Solution

We not only provide led strip lights, led flex neon lights, led rope lights, but also other LED lights, which can be customized according to your requirements.

We can supply various power supplies and adapters, hundreds of Aluminum profile for your choice, high quality certificated CE VDE controller, and plug available.

We use the best quality accessories for your led lights. All we provide you accessories are new not recycle material, no bad smelly, all is pure clear.

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