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As a professional COB strip lights manufacturer in china, Mikoo supply cob strip lights with different size and colors based on competitive price.

Mikoo standard producing Voltage is:

  • 12v/24v/110v/230v

Mikoo standard producing PCB size is:

  • 3mm/4 mm /5 mm /8 mm /10 mm /12 mm

Mikoo standard producing LED QTY per meter is:

  • 252D /280 D /288D /300D /308D /320 D /384 D /480 D /504D /512 D /576 D /608 D per meter.

Mikoo standard producing Color is:

  • Single-color, CCT 2in1, and RGB

You can see the cut mark on every cob strip light, very easy to cut and use it.

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Your Reliable COB Strip Light Supplier in China

Mikoo COB is Chips on Board, which means the chip is directly packaged on the PCB board, and the COB strip is the strip of chips packaged on the flexible board. So, the light emitted from the COB strip is much more uniform, linear and without light spots, and much flexible when you shake or twist cob strip light, it can still work as normal.

Mikoo COB Strip lights are widely used in home decoration, path indication and exterior wall outline decoration, building pavilion, Festival decoration, event venue decoration, exhibition venue decoration,  Hotel, bar, KTV, nightclub, and other high-end entertainment venues decorative lighting.

Mikoo COB Strip Lights use high-density LED, no light spot, extremely flexible, new tech against traditional strips.

Our best-selling color is white and warm white, All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will make the exact one for you.

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COB Strip Light – The Complete FAQ Guide


1. What is the difference between COB strip light and led strip light?

1) Mikoo COB strip lights are linear colloids, traditional led strip lights are one-by-one led bulbs attached to the PCB board, so COB strip lights to be much more uniform, the light is linear, with no light spot.

2) Mikoo COB chip directly solid crystal on the PCB board, the heat of the chip quickly transferred to the PCB board, so COB strip heat dissipation faster than traditional led strip lights, the result is that COB strip light decay is smaller, longer life.

3) Mikoo COB Strip light can reach 180° angle of light release.

led strip light and cob strip light

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