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As one of the best led rope light manufacturers in China, our led rope light to have CE, RoHS, ETL Certificate, send us your project’s request, we will contact you within 24hours.

We can produce any shape of rope light motif silhouette, having over 10+years of manufacturing experience, we have the confidence to provide you best led rope light solution based on your detailed requirement.

led rope light 2wire white

2wire rope light is our best seller. 2500k-3000k warm white and pure white sell most, other colors also available. We usually use round 2 wire led rope light to make a motif or silhouette.

3wire led rope light

Round 3 wire rope light with the controller, there will be flashing, jumping, chasing, etn light effect, usually multi-color with the controller effect will be better.

snowflake rope light

OEM any rope lights motif silhouette for you, just give us your idea, we will provide you a solution.

RGB LED rope light

Multi RGB changing color led rope light with remote controller, 16 multi-colors changing outdoor.

led neon rope light

5x12mm, 6x12mm,8x16mm,10x20mm,15x25mm,16x16mm,12mm,14mm,16mm led neon rope light available for your project, we can customize according to your order.

led rope light small package

8meter/10meter/20meter with customized gift box. Any meters can be produced to you.

Mikoo: Your Reliable LED Rope Light Supplier in China

Mikoo is one of the most renowned manufacturers and suppliers of LED rope lights, Christmas LED rope lights and Color changing led rope lights. We can supply energy-efficient and cost-effective lighting products for your lighting projects. All of Our LED rope lights meet and exceed the standards of CE, RoHS, ETL certifications.

We can design any motif silhouettes with our flexible LED rope lights. Our skilled workers with exquisite workmanship and experienced technicians will help you to design any motif silhouettes. Mikoo is now supporting more than 100 Christmas LED rope lights wholesalers and project planners around the world.

Mikoo will give you the best Christmas silhouette rope lights solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional and skilled technical team. If you are a Christmas silhouette rope lights brand and need to find an OEM manufacturer, then Mikoo will 100% support you on the led rope light development.

Send your led rope light projects to us, our sales department will contact you within 24hours.

LED Rope Light Structure 2 Wire and 3Wire

Item No MK2W-24S MK2W-30S MK2W-36S
Working temperture (-)20℃-+45℃ (-)20℃-+45℃ (-)20℃-+45℃
Cut Unit 1m/unit  2m/unit 1m/unit  2m/unit 1m/unit  2m/unit
Diameter 10mm/13mm 10mm/13mm 10mm/13mm
Power 1.8w/m 1.8w/m 1.8w/m
Model Name 2 wire led rope light 2 wire led rope light 2 wire led rope light
Warranty 2Years 2Years 2Years
Voltage Input 12v/24v/110v/220v 12v/24v/110v/220v 12v/24v/110v/220v
LED Qty 24led/m 30led/m 36led/m
IP Rate IP65 IP65 IP65
Emitting Color R/Y/B/G/W/WW/Multi R/Y/B/G/W/WW/Multi R/Y/B/G/W/WW/Multi

LED Rope Light- The Complete FAQ Guide

LED Rope Light is a versatile lighting solution for any kind of residential and commercial lighting projects and occasions. You can use them for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects and designing any motif silhouette.

But, you should know how to choose high-efficient LED Rope Light. In this article, you will get all information related to LED Rope Light.

What is LED Rope Light?

The particular type of LED rope lights that are used especially in Christmas decoration is known as LED Rope Light. To say more concisely, LED Rope Light are strings of lamps attached in series that provide numerous colors of lights.

led rope light CE,GS,ROHS,ETL manufacturer

What Are the Benefits of LED Rope Light?

The popularity of LED Rope Light is increasing day by day because of cost-efficiency, multiple usage, and customization. Let’s see some core benefits of LED rope lights.

Energy Efficiency

LED Rope Light consumes 90 percent less energy compared to traditional incandescent rope lights. Where standard incandescent rope lights consume 5 to 7 watts per linear foot, LED rope lights consume less than 1 watt per linear foot.

Here is a comparison table between traditional rope lights and LED Rope Light.

Type of lights/ Description Assumptions(Average Illumination Time) Total consumption of electricity per year Annual Cost

(Average cost of per Kwh = $0.12)

Incandescent Rope lights 8 hours per day

6 days per week

1540 Kwh $184.80
LED Rope Light 8 hours per day

6 days per week

210Kwh $25.20

incandescent rope light and led rope light


The quality of raw materials, brand LED driver, LED chips, crystal clear PVC tubing, perfect installation, and regular maintenance affect the lifespan of LED Rope Light.

The average lifespan of LED rope lights is approximately 250,00 hours. As they last for a long time, you don’t need to replace them again and again. So, you can save on purchasing and replacement costs by installing LED rope lights.


LED Rope Light doesn’t contain any harmful and toxic metals such as mercury and lead. All of our LED Rope Light meet and exceed CE, RoHs, ETL, and UL industry standards.

You will be happy to know that all of our LED rope lights are recyclable. So, they don’t affect our natural environment.

Numerous Colors

Pure white, warm white, red, green, blue, orange, yellow, purple, and pink are popular colors of LED Rope Light. You can produce numerous colors with LED rope lights.

Mikoo uses surface-mounted LED chips that can produce thousands of colors with the combination of RGB. You can purchase LED Rope Light with a specific color (even if you maintain any specific HTML color code) for lighting decoration.

All of our lights ensure the consistent and true brightness to create any vivid and vibrant atmosphere.

led rope light CE,GS,ROHS


LED Rope Light is produced with durable and solid-state components. Manufacturers cover them with round, transparent, and crystal-clear PVC tubing.

So, these lights can withstand any harsh environment. They also don’t damage as a result of dropping and bumping the products.

Low Heat Output and more Safety

Any electric device consumes energy at the time of operating. LED Rope Light consumes less energy than incandescent lamps and produces less heat.

Whilst traditional incandescent lights produce approximately 100° of heat, our LED rope lights produce less than 1° of heat. So, you can touch them with your bare hand and don’t cause any fire hazard.

What Are The Applications of LED Rope Light?

LED Rope Light is specially designed for decorating Christmas lighting projects. But, you can use other lighting projects. You can use them in both indoor and outdoor lighting projects. Let’s see some applications of LED rope lights.

Indoor lighting Projects

  1. Outlining the edge of a kitchen counter
  2. Comprehensive Ceiling lighting
  3. Bar Decoration
  4. In a movie theater ( under-lighting the baseboards)
  5. Room with no permanent layout ( attic, garage, Children’s rooms)
  6. Ambient lighting in the bedroom, bathroom, and gaming room.

Outdoor Lighting Projects

  1. Staircase lighting
  2. Deck lighting
  3. Outdoor Patio
  4. Driveway
  5. Shed
  6. Outdoor Artistic Display
  7. Decorating pool party
  8. Decorating garden
  9. Different design in holiday seasons

led rope light applicationCan You Use LED Rope light in Outdoor Locations?

You should be careful at the time of choosing LED Rope Light for outdoor lighting decorations. Ensure that your rope lights are water-proof, dust-proof, and corrosion-proof at the time of choosing rope lights for outdoor applications.

led rope light waterproof

What Necessary Accessories Do You Need With LED Rope Light?

You need some accessories to decorate in Christmas lighting or make motif silhouettes. Let’s see some accessories required with LED Rope Light to install properly.

Mounting Clip

To mount LED rope lights to both indoor and outdoor surfaces, you need mounting clips and channel tracks. They provide semi-permanent and permanent options for installing LED Rope Light.

The required number of mounting clips for LED rope lights depends on the applications such as horizontal, vertical, straight, or curved applications. Generally, you need one mounting clip per foot in case of maintaining horizontal and straight lines. mounting clips

Power Cord

At the time of power cord to your rope lights projects, you need power cords and extension cables. Different manufacturers provide different sizes of power cords and extension cables. Choose the right length of the power cable according to your project’s requirements.power cord plug


Connectors help to create custom designs and motif silhouettes. These connectors join two or more rope lights sections. Attach them tightly between two separate LED rope lights.Rope Light Connector Accessories protect your LED Rope Light from a wet environment. They are used to connect different parts of the LED Rope Light and the ends of each section.

What Factors Should You Consider at The Time of Choosing LED Rope Light?

Finding efficient LED rope lights is not an easy task. There are different kinds of LED Rope Light available in the market. So, you need to consider the following factors at the time of choosing LED Rope Light.

  • Size
  • Brightness
  • Flexibility
  • Temperature Sustainability
  • UV Resistance
  • Durability
  • Energy-Efficiency
  • Available Color Options
  • UL Listed and CE Certificationsled rope light manufacturer mikoo

How Can I Make A Christmas Rope Light Motif Silhouette with LED Rope Lights?

You can design any rope light motif silhouettes such as name, start, favorite words, snowflakes, animated characters, or any shape with rope lights with LED Rope Light. Follow the following steps to make a motif silhouette with LED Rope Light.

  • First of all, select your desired motif silhouette design for the decoration of Christmas lighting.
  • Then, bend the piece of LED rope lights with bending materials following the shape of your designs.
  • Cut the LED Rope Light with scissors or knives.
  • Connect the plug and power to the rope lights.
  • Use the heat-shrinkable tube cover at the joining parts, end of the rope lights with end caps, and sealing accessories.

You can use our LED Rope Light in numerous designs to bring Christmas alive. You can design your own motif silhouettes with our LED rope lights or send your ideas or pictures to make your ideas true.

christmas led rope light motif silhouette


How To Find a Reliable Manufacturer of LED Rope Light?

Finding a reliable LED Rope Light manufacturer is not easy. There are many manufacturers of LED rope lights around the world. Some of them offer low-quality LED Rope Light at a cheap rate.

Don’t fall on the marketing hype of new LED rope lights manufacturers. Consider the following factors at the time choosing a reliable manufacturer for your Christmas lighting projects.

Experience In The Lighting Industry

The quality of finished LED rope lights depends on the raw materials and experience of the manufacturers. So, check the experience of the manufacturers in the lighting industry. Choose a rope lights manufacturer that has more than 5 years of experience.

Mikoo is a renowned manufacturer and global supplier of LED Rope Light. It has more than 10 years of experience in the lighting industry. mainly produces LED strip lights, LED rope lights(silhouette), and LED flex neon(signs) from the date of inception.

Specialization In LED Rope Light

Some LED rope lights manufacturers produce LED rope lights that use bad material and LED. As a result, their LED rope lights are not efficient and damage within a few months.

Mikoo, a renowned manufacturer and global supplier of LED rope lights, has 10+years of export experience to make our lighting products more efficient. As Mikoo uses high-quality materials and applies the latest LED technologies, you will get the best durable LED Rope Light.

Quality of Raw Materials Used by Manufacturers

Like the experience, the quality of raw materials affects the quality of finished products. Check whether your manufacturers maintain the industrial standards of the lighting industry and maintain proper quality management systems.

Reasonable Price

If you are a project planner or a wholesaler of LED Rope Light, you should consider the price of rope lights. Never focus only on low prices but focus on the quality of lights. If you purchase low-quality LED rope lights, they will start flickering soon and increase the project’s cost.

Quality Control System

The quality control system is a positive sign for a renowned manufacturer. The members of quality control departments check the quality of raw materials and production processes. Mikoo has a quality control department that ensures the quality from collecting raw materials to delivering the products to customers.


All renowned manufacturers follow the industrial standards at the time of producing LED rope lights. So, they can provide a warranty for a long time. You should purchase LED Rope Light that has a longer warranty time. You can use LED Rope Light without being worried if they have a longer warranty period.

Mikoo is a global supplier of LED rope lights and provides a 2 years warranty.

After-Sale Support

Christmas project planners may face lots of troubles even after purchasing rope lights. Having a 24/7 hours instant support system is a positive sign of a manufacturer. Check the availability of the after-sale support of the manufacturers so that you can contact them any time. Mikoo is a renowned manufacturer.

Mikoo is one of the professional manufacturers and suppliers of LED rope lights and LED Rope Light. It has CE, GS, ROHS, ETL certificate. You can support your business and any lighting project with our high-efficient and cost-competitive lighting products.mikoo certificate

When Do LED Rope Light Stop Working and Why?

LED Rope Light is very popular for its durability and flexibility. If you can’t choose the right LED Rope Light and install them properly, they will stop working. Here are some common reasons why LED Rope Light stops working.

Improper Power Source

LED Rope Light is available in 12, 24, and 120-volt versions. You should choose a compatible power source. If you choose a 12-volt driver for a 24-volt LED Rope Light, lights will start flickering, dimming, or stop working fully. So, you should match the transformer’s output voltage and rope light’s input voltage before purchasing.

Loose or broken Wiring

You should check the flexibility level of the LED Rope Light. If you bend them beyond the flexibility level set by manufacturers, they may break. Bending them back and forth repeatedly will make them loose internal wiring and other internal components.

Low-quality Pin Connection

It is the most common reason why LED Rope Light stops working. If you purchase low-quality LED Rope Light and don’t install them properly, they will stop working and start flickering soon. Mikoo uses high-quality raw materials and the latest technologies so that you can design any motif silhouette.

Inappropriate Cutting

LED Rope Light stop working in case of cutting from an inappropriate place. All manufacturers use a scissor or dashed mark to symbolize the cutting mark. If you cut except these marks, the LED Rope Light start flickering and finally stop illuminating.led rope light cut mark


Some low-quality LED Rope Light can damage due to the high temperature of direct sunshine. Mikoo uses high-quality crystal-clear PVC tubing that not only protects from overheating but also ensures consistent brightness. You can use them under direct sunlight all year. Yet, some experts suggest storing LED Rope Light after seasons and special occasions.

If you follow the above steps properly, your LED Rope Light will provide consistent brightness for a long time. Contact the expert technicians of Mikoo if you can’t troubleshoot the problems of LED Rope Light. They will determine the problems of rope light and provide effective solutions.

How Can I Install My LED Rope Light Outdoor?

LED Rope Light is suitable for both indoor and outdoor lighting projects. You can install LED rope lights with proper accessories. Follow the below tips to install your LED Rope Light on outdoor surfaces.

  • First of all, measure the area and choose the design of outdoor lighting.
  • Cut the LED Rope Light on the specific cutting mark.
  • Connect the parts of LED rope lights with the right connectors and sealing materials.
  • Use the mounting clips to attach them in the specified places.led rope light installation

How Do You Fix LED Rope Light?

LED Rope Light may damage even if you choose high-quality products from reliable suppliers. Some external factors also damage the LED rope lights. You can fix them in the following methods.

  • Check the connectors of rope lights. They can be loose due to incorrect insertion. Secure them properly or replace them with a new one.
  • After checking the connectors, check the wiring of the LED Rope Light. Change the damaged wires with new wires. If you find any internal damages to wiring and other components, replace that part of LED rope lights.
  • If your lights don’t illuminate after following the above two steps, check the transformers or power cord of the LED Rope Light. You can easily check whether they are good or not. Connect to the rope lights.

Contact us if you can’t fix your rope lights after following the above steps. Expert technicians of Mikoo will help you to find the problems and provide the best solutions.connect led rope light

How Long Does LED Rope Light Last?

The quality of raw materials, power cord, power connector, end cap, proper installation, and proper maintenance affect the lifespan of LED Rope Light. The average lifespan of LED Rope Light is about 25,000 hours

Mikoo is a professional manufacturer and leading supplier of LED Rope Light. Their LED Rope Light illuminate more than 25,000 hours. So, you can save the replacement cost by purchasing from us.

How to Cut LED Rope Light and What Tools/Equipment is needed?

You can cut LED Rope Light either with knives or scissors. First of all, measure the area of lighting projects. After measuring, cut at the nearest cutting mark according to your designs’ requirements. Manufacturers generally use a dashed line or a pair of scissors to symbolize the cutting position. Cut the LED Rope Light carefully neatly.how to cut led rope light

How Do You Attach Rope Lights to Concrete?

You can use LED Rope Light on a number of surfaces with the right mounting brackets. Screw-on clamps are the best mounting brackets to attach LED Rope Light on concrete. You can easily install LED Rope Light on concrete if you have the necessary tools. Follow the following steps to install LED Rope Light on concrete.

Step 01

Lay the LED Rope Light against the concrete and cut them on the cutting line marks. Cut the LED Rope Light with sharp scissors and cover the ends with compatible end caps.

Step 02 

You should use a clamp every 12 to 18 inches along the rope. Before attaching the cable clamps to the LED Rope Light, mark on the concrete with a marker.

Step 03

Drill small holes into the concrete with a drill machine. Drill the holes according to the size of the clamps. A big and bold drill can make the attaching process loose and drop from the concrete.

Step 04

With the help of a screwdriver, attach the cable clamps against LED Rope Light. If you want to attach the LED rope lights on vertical walls, start from the top and gradually attach on the down. For more tight attachment, use concrete anchors after drilling the holes.

led rope light decoration


You can design any motif silhouettes with our flexible LED Rope Light. Our skilled workers with exquisite workmanship and experienced technicians will help you to design any motif silhouette rope light.

Mikoo is now supporting more than 100 LED Rope Light wholesalers and project planners around the world. Our high-quality products and 24/7 customer support will meet your lighting requirements. Send your idea of lighting projects to us, the design department of Mikoo will give you numerous options to create a vivid and vibrant atmosphere.

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