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Custom Your Perfect Christmas led rope light motif silhouette

As a professional Christmas led rope light wholesale in China, Mikoo will help you custom perfect Christmas led rope light motif silhouette based on your detailed requirement.

Mikoo uses 10mm or 11mm diameter LED rope lights for making a motif silhouette.

You can utilize wire ties to strap rope lights to the top of a sturdy frame, and also form any desired shape you want, perfect for streets, trees, yard, home decoration.

Thousand silhouettes for your preference. Ask our best quote for your next Christmas rope light motif silhouette order!

Your Leading Christmas led rope light motif silhouette manufacturer

Mikoo is a great choice as your reliable Christmas led rope light motif silhouette, we offer you design as your requirement and reply service, 1-3days for design confirmation, our professional team worker will email or call you within 24hours.

We can produce any silhouette of led rope lights including Halloween rope lights, rope light snowflakes, Santa ladder Christmas rope light, rope light Christmas train, star rope light silhouette, Xmas rope light silhouette, reindeer rope light silhouette, snowman rope light silhouette, Santa rope light silhouette, angel rope light silhouette, rope light Christmas tree, deer rope light silhouette, and many others. Thousands of Christmas rope light motif silhouettes available for you.

We promise to solve any quality problems with our products at 24hours and provide us with photos or videos of the product quality problems.

Send us an inquiry for your next Christmas rope light motif silhouette order now; you will get a perfect product quote within 24 hours!

Just give us your ideas or image, we can make your project more beautiful and Attractive with our Christmas rope light motif silhouette.


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Christmas LED Rope Light- The Complete FAQ Guide

Are you searching the high-efficient Christmas LED Rope Lights for your projects? If yes, then this article will guide you select a good quality Christmas LED Rope Light. You can get clear answers to all your questions about Christmas LED Rope Lights.

Hence, take your time to read this guide before you buy your desired Christmas LED Rope Light.

What Is Christmas LED Rope Light?

Christmas LED Rope Light is a luminous, flexible, and ornamental light rope that is produced with transparent PVC tubing. It is made of a series of LED bulbs enclosed in PVC that has floating electrical connections. You can twist it, curve it in whichever way you want.

Christmas LED Rope Lights are a perfect choice for twisting around trees, sculptures, and columns. Rope lights are used for making motifs, beautiful signs, and swirls around fences or rails. You can cut them to the desired lengths depending on what you need.

what is led rope light


What Are the Types of Christmas LED Rope Lights?

There are different types of rope lights that you can choose from. They are ROUND 2 WIRE, ROUND 3WIRE, FLAT 3WIRE, FLAT 4 WIRE, FLAT 5WIRE.

led rope light 2wire, 3wire, flat 3wire, flat 4wire, flat 5wire

How to Select Good Quality Christmas LED Rope Light?

A good quality Christmas LED Rope Light has a high lumen LED with at least a 2-year warranty. And uses copper wire inside and not aluminum wire. Focus on the following factors to choose the right Christmas LED Rope Lights.

  • Brightness
  • Raw materials
  • Lifespan
  • Flexibility
  • Warranty
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Energy Efficiency

Mikoo(Sunrain) is your best choice for rope light, we have 10+years experience of in producing rope lights.

good quality led rope light

Why Do Christmas LED Rope Lights Stop Working or Fail to Work?

Christmas LED Rope Lights are popular for their flexibility and durability. Why would they stop working in a short time? Answering this question would help you to be able to troubleshoot. You would know what to do when such things happen.

Bad Pin Connection:

First of all, check pin connections of Christmas LED Rope Lights to make sure that it is in a good state. Here’s what a bad pin connection means:

  1. A) the pin is faulty or about to be
  2. B) the pin is not connected properly. led rope light splice connector

You need to apply caution when you are to insert pin connectors. Low-quality connectors or a crooked insertion may lead to your Christmas LED Rope Light becoming damaged.

Wrong Cutting

You can cut the rope light at the proper cut marks. They are specified by dashed lines that appear at regular intervals. Reconnect your Christmas LED Rope Light with splice connectors.

If you cut the Christmas LED Rope Lights anywhere apart from the cut mark, you disrupt the circuit of a Christmas LED Rope Light. Make sure you cut the rope light at the cut mark. You can cut with home scissors or a knife but wire cutters would be preferable.

led rope light cut mark

Improper Power Source

Make sure to double-check your rope light power source requirements. Christmas LED Rope Lights are generally available in 12, 24, or 120, 230-Volt versions.

Incompatible between the power source and Christmas LED Rope Lights damage the lights. It will cause your rope lights to flicker, dim, or not come up at all.

Also if you overpower your Christmas LED Rope Lights, it will burn the wiring. Hence, your lights will fail to light up and ultimately be damaged. The transformer output voltage should be the same as the input voltage for your Christmas LED Rope Light.

You don’t need a driver for a 120, 230-Volt Christmas LED Rope Light. You simply need to plug it into the closest outlet.led rope light manufacturer mikoo

Weakened Rectifier

A failed rectifier causes flickering in your Christmas LED Rope Light. There is usually a rectifier that comes with LED lighting. It is for oscillation or turning the LEDs on and off at a fast rate.

Broken Wiring

Don’t handle your Christmas LED Rope Lights roughly. Doing that can break the wires inside. Try to always bend the rope lights in just one direction.

Avoid using small diameters when winding around trees and poles. It may result in wire breakage and short out sections. Bend the Christmas LED Rope Lights to an angle that’s a bit wider than its diameter.

Blown Fuse

This happens when the power going in blows up it’s a fuse. You will only notice that the lights come up for a few seconds then a popping noise and the lights go off. The solution is to change the blown fuse.


Good quality Christmas LED Rope Lights can withstand outdoor conditions such as cold and water. However, you should keep it away from too much sunlight under eaves and overhangs.led rope light CE,GS,ROHS


How To Do If One-Meter Christmas LED Rope Light Does Not Work?

Just cut the problem 1meter or 2meter rope lights, then use the middle connector to connect. it will be safe if put shrinkable tubing(waterproof) on rope lights.

connect led rope light

Which Rope Lights Are the Most Common Types of Christmas LED Rope Lights in the Market?

The most common types are the round 2wire rope light and round 3wire rope light. You should not purchase what is available in the market rather you should choose according to your requirements.

led rope light green color

What is Included as Christmas LED Rope Light Accessories?

The accessories are a connector cord, splices, Christmas LED Rope Lights, and clips with screws.

There are two kinds of accessories for high voltage and low voltage rope light:

1) 110v/230V accessory: Europe or USA plug with 1.5m power line(2X1.0MM) with PVC connector, shrinkable tubing, middle connector, splice connector, end cap, and plastic profile.

2) 12v/24v accessory: Transformer, shrinkable tubing, middle connector, splice connector, end cap, and plastic profile.power cord plug

Can You Bend Christmas LED Rope Light to Any Shape?

Yes, but only 10mm or 11mm diameter Christmas LED Rope Light suitable for bent to any shape. We can also make LED motif lights or Christmas LED Rope Light silhouettes for you, just send us your ideas.led rope light can be bent

Where Can I Use Christmas LED Rope Light?

You can use Christmas LED Rope Lights in both indoor and outdoor lighting projects. As they are flexible, you can give any shape to them. They are great for many outdoor ornamental purposes such as lining sidewalks, lighting deck railings, and wrapping tree trunks.

led rope light decoration

What Are The Benefits of Christmas LED Rope Lights?

Christmas LED Rope Lights are used for various lighting applications. Let’s go over some of the benefits that Christmas LED Rope Lights offer.

  1. Flexible and Unbreakable

The flexible tubing is clear, easy to twist, and durable. It becomes quite easy to create designs. You only need your imagination and determination to get it done as you want it. It is not fragile as a flexible material is used to produce Christmas LED Rope Lights with PVC.

  1. Simple Installation

The installation process for Christmas LED Rope Lights is very straightforward and easy without the need for special teams. We will put all accessories (power cord, clips, ties, shrinkable tube, end cap, and profiles) in your order. You only need basic tools to get everything installed.

With the help of nails and zip ties, you can form virtually any configuration of light you can imagine. You can easily remove and reuse them.

  1. Comfortable Brightness

Christmas LED Rope Lights give off a soft light that is easy on the eyes. You get a comfortable and warm feeling from using them.

  1. Extended Life Span

Christmas LED Rope Lights have a longer life span because it uses a lesser amount of energy. They shine brighter and also last well than another lighting.

  1. Higher Energy Efficiency

Christmas LED Rope Lights have better energy efficiency. The same features that contribute to a longer lifespan make better efficiency possible. It consumes lesser energy and generates greater lumens.LED rope Light Blue

Do Christmas LED Rope Lights Consume a Lot of Electricity?

No, they don’t use too much electricity. They consume about 1.8 watt per meter. Whereas incandescent rope lights use 3 watts per lighting foot. Compared to SMD led strip light and led neon light, it’s energy-efficient and power saving.

Can I Bend Christmas LED Rope Light To 90-degree Angles or I Need Corner-Turn Accessories?

  • First of all, you need to understand that rope lights are made for curves and twists but not sharp angles. You can only bend them close to 90 degrees but not exactly.
  • You should also avoid bending the rope lights every time over and over again, doing that can cause a break to the wiring.
  • However, you really want a perfect 90-degree shape, you can use connector pieces to get that. Try using a flat rope light also but you should know that you can’t lay it flat and bend at once. You have to lay it sideways if you want to bend it to about 90 degrees.

snowflake led rope light

How Can I Create Chasing Effects with Christmas LED Rope Lights?

You can create that beautiful effect but it requires the use of a controller. This effect is available for 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire, or 5-wire.

Can I Cut Christmas LED Rope Light To The Desired Measurement?

Yes, of course! You can always cut your rope light to various lengths that you want. However, there are steps to how you can do that correctly.

  • To cut a rope light, you need to take note of the given intervals of minimum length which range from 0.5 to 56 inches. We mark these intervals with tiny white lines which we call Cut mark.
  • All Christmas LED Rope Lights have varying distances between these cut mark areas depending on their models and voltage. Hence, you should be particular about checking for the marks when you are buying your spool.
  • Christmas LED Rope Light kits are the only rope lights that you needn’t cut because they have given lengths.how to cut led rope light

How to Install Christmas LED Rope Lights?

After testing to see your Christmas LED Rope Lights are working perfectly, you can install them anywhere you can imagine. During installation always maintain a minimum curved radius of 3-4 inches when turning around a corner and do ensure they are reasonably spaced. More so, do not pull or excessively stretch the rope as it can damage the LED lights in them.

led rope light installation

Do I Need Any Other Thing For Christmas LED Rope Light Kits Installation?

No, you don’t.

Christmas LED Rope Light kits come as all-in-one kits that have all that you need which include: power cord, mounting clips, and the Christmas LED Rope Light.

There is nothing else you have to buy before you can install the rope light. However, if you want to install your rope light in a perfectly straight line, you may need to buy a channel raceway.

How Do You Hang My Christmas LED Rope Lights Well?

Hanging Christmas LED Rope Lights are done with the use of rope light mounting clips. They usually have small screws that you can use to hook them to wooden surfaces.

However, you might need to buy more if you plan to form shapes or figures with them. It all depends on what you want to use your Christmas LED Rope Light to design.

led rope light accessories

Can Christmas LED Rope Lights Become Hot?

No, they can’t. You might be thinking of Christmas LED Rope Light as incandescent rope light that produces light by heating a filament, they are not the same. One-meter wattage is about 1.44w, So it doesn’t get very hot under any circumstances.

As they consume a minimum amount of energy at the time of running, they don’t produce heat. You can easily touch them with your bare hand.

Is the Color Of The Bulb The Same As The Tube On The Christmas LED Rope Lights?

The answer is Yes and on some rope lights, It’s a No. We have Christmas LED Rope Light and Rice Bulb rope light.

  • For the Christmas LED Rope Light, the PVC tube is transparent. When the LED color is red, the Christmas LED Rope Light generates a red color. Conversely, when the LED color is white, the Christmas LED Rope Light produces a white color.
  • For the Rice Bulb Rope light, the PVC tube color includes red, pink, green, white, blue, and a lot of options to choose from while you insert the rice bulb not LED.

incandescent rope light and led rope light

Can I Use Christmas LED Rope Light as The Main Light Source For A Room?

Yes, you can. Although rope lights are majorly used for outdoor lighting. It is best used for decoration purposes. Christmas LED Rope Light is not really bright compared to LED strip light, it makes an attractive ornament to outdoor lighting for homes and buildings.

Are Christmas LED Rope Lights Splash Resistant?

Christmas LED Rope Lights are splash resistant when the rope light is yet to be cut and you can use them outside. However, if you have to cut the Christmas LED Rope Light for the purpose of the application, make sure that you protect it from water by shrink tube the end cap.

waterproof led rope light

Can I Replace The Individual Bulbs In A Christmas LED Rope Light?

No, you can’t. Only factories can do that by using special tools. You can cut the damaged part according to the cut mark, then use the middle connector to connect them back.

What is the IP rating for Christmas LED Rope Lights?

The IP rating of Christmas LED Rope Lights indicates the protection level of the light. Our Christmas LED Rope Light IP rate is IP44. The led plug is also IP44 with a transparent PVC connector. So, they are protected from water, dust, and other corrosions.

Do You Have Any Certificates for Christmas LED Rope Lights?

Yes, we have CE, RoHS, ETL certificates for LED Rope Light.

mikoo certificate

What is your warranty for Christmas LED Rope Light?

We provide you a 2 year of warranty for our Christmas LED Rope Lights. So, you can use our Christmas LED Rope Light without being worried.


So that’s it — Christmas LED Rope Lights do not need a lot of effort and money to install. In comparison to other LED lighting, they are much cheaper. Although it might seem costly, it is worth it and you will love the beauty and brightness it offers.

Take full advantage of them for your indoor and outdoor decorations. You can use them for festivities, events, and seasons. You won’t regret it one bit.

led rope light factory


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