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    As one of the top led rope light manufacturers in China, Mikoo led rope light to have CE, Rohs, ETL Certificate, send us your project’s needs, we can OEM any motif as your need, provide you best led rope light solution based on your detailed requirement.

LED Rope Light

LED Rope Light 2 wire
2wire rope light is our best sales item. 2500k-3000k warmwhite and pure white sell most, other color also available. We usually use round 2 wire led rope light to make motif.
color changing LED Rope Light
Round 3 wire rope light with the controller, there will be flashing, jumping, chasing, etc light effect, usually multi-color with the controller effect will be better.
LED Rope Light Flat 3 wire
Flat 3 wire rope light shape is flat, 2row led lines, 60led/72led available.
LED Rope Light Flat 4 Wire
Flat 4 wire rope light with a variety of colors to select. RGB/RGY/YGB/RYB/WGB
LED rope light small package
8meter/10meter/20meter with color box use your own brand name or use our brand. Any meters can be produce by us.
OEM any motif for you, just give us your idea, we will provide you solution.

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    Mikoo: Your Reliable LED Rope Light Supplier in China

    If your project or your business needs to import led rope light, then Mikoo will be your best choice to manufacture your led rope light and Christmas rope light motif orders.

    Mikoo is one of the leading led rope light suppliers and all of our led rope light can meet CE, RoHs, ETL standards, and we will provide a competitive price based on your project.

    Mikoo will give you the best Christmas silhouette rope lights solution based on your project’s requirements with our professional and skilled technical team. If you are a Christmas silhouette rope lights brand and need to find an OEM manufacturer, then Mikoo will 100% support you on the led rope light development.

    Drop us an email and send your detailed requirement now!


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    LED Rope Light- The Complete FAQ Guide

    Here is a guide to help you select a good quality LED Rope Light. You can get clear answers to all your questions about LED Rope Light which will make it easier to pick a good one.

    Hence, take your time to read this guide before you buy your desired LED Rope Light.

    What Is LED Rope Light?

    LED Rope light is a luminous, flexible, and ornamental light rope that is produced with transparent PVC tubing.

    It is made of a series of LED bulbs enclosed in PVC that has floating electrical connections. You can twist it, curve it in whichever way you want. Perfect choice for twisting around trees, sculptures, and columns.

    Rope lights are used for making motifs, beautiful signs, and swirls around fences or rails. You can cut them to the desired lengths depending on what you need.

    How to select good quality LED Rope Light?

    • LED: high lumen led with at least 2-year quality warranty, led will not burn or not lit after some days.
    • PVC (no bad smell, no oil when you use it, nor become yellow after using it for one year).
    • There are safety certificate and a good reputation.

    What is the IP rating for LED Rope Lights?

    Our LED Rope Light IP rate is IP44. The led plug is also IP44 with a transparent PVC connector.

    Do you have any certificates for LED Rope Lights?

    Yes, we have CE, RoHS, ETL certificate.

    How to do if a one-meter LED Rope light does not work?

    Cut it, connect the two parts together, use shrinkable tubing(waterproof) to connect them together.

    What is your warranty for LED Rope light?

    We provide you 2 years warranty for our led rope lights.

    Can I bend LED Rope Light to any shape?

    Yes, but only 10mm or 11mm diameter LED rope light suitable for bent to any shape. We can also make LED motif light or LED rope light silhouette for you, just send us your ideas.

    Which silhouette or motif rope lights can you make it?

    We can make Halloween rope lights, rope light snowflakes, Santa ladder Christmas rope light, rope light Christmas train, star rope light silhouette, Xmas rope light silhouette, reindeer rope light silhouette, snowman rope light silhouette, Santa rope light silhouette, angel rope light silhouette, rope light Christmas tree, deer rope light silhouette, and many others. Just give us your ideas, we can make it true.

    Where can I use LED Rope Light?

    They are great for many outdoor ornamental purposes such as lining sidewalks, lighting deck railings, and wrapping tree trunks.

    Can I Bend LED Rope Light To 90-degree Angles or I Need Corner-turn Accessories?

    • First of all, you need to understand that rope lights are made for curves and twists but not sharp angles. You can only bend them close to 90 degrees but not exactly.
    • You should also avoid bending the rope lights every time over and over again, doing that can cause a break to the wiring.
    • However, you really want a perfect 90-degree shape, you can use connector pieces to get that. Try using a flat rope light also but you should know that you can’t lay it flat and bend at once. You have to lay it sideways if you want to bend it to about 90 degrees.

    How Can I Create Chasing Effects with LED Rope Lights?

    You can create that beautiful effect but it requires the use of a controller. This effect is available for 2-wire, 3-wire, 4-wire, or 5-wire.

    Can I Cut LED Rope Light To The Desired Measurement?

    You can always cut your rope light to various lengths that you want. However, there are steps to how you can do that correctly.

    • To cut a rope light, you need to take note of the given intervals of minimum length which range from 0.5 to 56 inches. We mark these intervals with tiny white lines which we call Cut mark.
    • All LED rope lights have varying distances between these cut mark areas depending on their models and voltage. Hence, you should be particular about checking for the marks when you are buying your spool.
    • LED rope light kits are the only rope lights that you needn’t cut because they have given lengths.

    Do I Need Any Other Thing For Led Rope Light Kits Installation?

    No, you don’t.

    LED rope light kits come as all-in-one kits that have all that you need which include: power cord, mounting clips, and the LED rope light.

    There is nothing else you have to buy before you can install the rope light. However, if you want to install your rope light in a perfectly straight line, you may need to buy a channel raceway.

    How Do I Hang My LED Rope Lights Well?

    Hanging LED rope lights are done with the use of rope light mounting clips. They usually have small screws that you can use to hook them to wooden surfaces.

    However, you might need to buy more if you plan to form shapes or figures with them. It all depends on what you want to use your LED rope light to design.

    Can LED Rope Lights Become Hot?

    No, they can’t. You might be thinking of LED rope light as incandescent rope light that produces light by heating a filament, they are not the same. One meter wattage is about 1.44w, So it doesn’t get very hot under any circumstances.

    Is the Color Of The Bulb The Same As The Tube On The LED Rope Lights?

    The answer is Yes and on some rope lights, it’s a No. We have LED rope light and Rice Bulb rope light.

    • For the LED rope light, the PVC tube is transparent. When the LED color is red, the LED rope light generates a red color. Conversely, when the LED color is white, the LED rope light produces a white color.
    • For the Rice Bulb Rope light, the PVC tube color includes red, pink, green, white, blue, and a lot of options to choose from while you insert the rice bulb not LED.

    Can I Use LED Rope Light As The Main Light Source For A Room?

    Yes, you can. Although rope lights are majorly used for outdoor lighting. It is best used for decoration purposes. LED rope light is not really bright compare to LED strip light, it makes an attractive ornament to outdoor lighting for homes and buildings.

    Are LED Rope Lights Splash Resistant?

    LED rope lights are splash resistant when the rope light is yet to be cut and you can use them outside. However, if you have to cut the LED rope light for the purpose of the application, make sure that you protect it from water by shrink tube the end cap.

    Can I Replace The Individual Bulbs In A LED Rope Light?

    No, you can’t. Only factories can do that by using special tools. You can cut the damaged part according to the cut mark, then use the middle connector to connect them back.



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