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Mikoo, the most trusted LED neon flex manufacturer, has over 10 years of lighting manufacturing experience, we use SMT from SAMSUNG, a reflow soldering machine, to produce high-quality led strips, then use silicone material produce to led neon flex lights.

We use durable surface-mounted LED chips to ensure consistent brightness. Our brand LED chips can produce approximately more than 90 lumens. 100% copper PCB, and high-quality silicone materials have made our LED flex durable and efficient.

Mikoo produces LED neon flex lights in different colors, such as white, cold white, warm white, blue, red, green, yellow, purple, pink, ice blue, lemon yellow, RGB, RGBW color. Our versatile neon flex made of high-quality raw materials has high ingress ratings. You can use our custom LED neon flex in different applications.

Whether you need customized or pre-designed led neon flex, Mikoo will ensure the quality and meet your needs. All of our LED flex comes with 2 years warranty. So, you can use our durable LED neon flex without being worried. We can deliver high-quality LED neon flex within 8 to 15 days based on your quantity.

Your Reliable LED Neon Flex Light Manufacturer in China

Mikoo LED neon flex is used in different residential and commercial lighting projects. You can use our neon flex for home decoration, facade lighting, contour lighting, and cove lighting. You can also use our led neon flex for backlighting, swimming pool lighting, and other lighting projects.

Mikoo’s silicone material ensures that you can use neon flex for a longer period of time. You can bend our neon flex in any direction for high flexibility. You can also design your lighting project for its flexible printed circuit board.

As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED neon flex, Mikoo has CE, RoHS, ETL certifications. Our skilled worker team will inspect raw materials, production processes to provide durable and good quality LED neon flex.

We offer LED neon flex samples to check the quality before you place an order. We will provide a detailed catalog and videos to check the quality of our LED neon flex.

Besides LED neon flex, Mikoo produces high-quality LED strip lights, neon signs, LED rope lights, and Christmas LED lights. Whether you are a neon flex distributor or retailer, Mikoo is always your reliable business partner.

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LED Neon Sign Manufacturer

Technical Structure

LED Neon Sign – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


Neon signs are bright, colorful, and reliable. You can use Neon signs for displays, airports, and various other public gathering sites. Apart from commercial use, neon signs are also used in personal events.

Have you ever wondered how they work? How long do they last, or are they cost-effective or not? If yes, then you have entered the right place.

We have designed this page to provide all the essential information you should know about Neon Sign.

1. What is a Neon Sign? 

A neon sign is used to light up an event or store. They are a very handy form of a light bulb. Neon signs instantly catch viewers’ attraction, and therefore, they are a handy advertising tool.

You will find two types of neon signs in the market. One is made with Neon gas, and the other one is made of LED strips.

Neon signs made of Neon and Argon gas are traditional neon signs. They use luminous gas discharge tubes to produce light and colors. Custom or conventional Neon signs came into the industry back in 1920 and gained massive popularity in advertising and marketing.

Mikoo led neon sign  Figure 1 – Neon sign

But traditional neon signs lost their popularity during 1990, and now they are almost dead.

Neon Flex sign has taken the place of traditional Neon signs. They are made of Light Emitting Diodes(LED), Silicon, and rolled Copper boards.

Today when you hear about the neon signs, in most cases, they are LED Neon flex signs. They are durable, produce various lights, and most importantly, they are much less expensive than traditional gas neon signs.

2. How Does Neon Sign Work? 

The lighting of the Neon sign is created by mixing white light with green, blue, and red-colored light to produce either white light or light with other colors.

A LED neon sign comes with a strip with a cluster of LEDs mounted on it. You can make these LEDs using various types of materials and encase them in a clear jacket so that they can shine bright.

A LED neon sign doesn’t need much power to shine, and you can quickly dim it when required.

You purchase your LED neon signs in various colors. You can buy muted color combinations or shiny and bright colors.

A single LED strip can house different color LEDs, which means the probability of creativity is endless with LED neon signs.

You will have an RGB controller to change the color of specific LEDs.

3. What Are The Applications Of Neon Sign?

Nothing is more vibrant than a neon sign to display a particular message or show a symbol or logo. A neon can generate an X-factor that none can ignore. That’s why the Neon sign has various applications. Here are some of those.

Shop signage

A LED Neon sign is flexible, and therefore they are trendy to create signage for stores. You would see Neon signs to create signage in front of bars, coffee shops, fast-food restaurants, etc.

Mikoo led neon sign   Figure 2 – Neon Sign For Shop

Creating shop signage with Neon Flex lights is easy. Just trace your letters or draw your sign onto a backing and attach clips around the outline. Then get your LED flex lights and bend them around the design to produce the Neon sign.

You can enhance your store’s visibility by a great deal with a neon sign even in a crowded area.


Neon light fulfills all the requirements of an excellent advertising tool. You can attract attention and deliver a clear message with neon lights. Old fashioned neon lights were pretty much used for advertising purposes. And now, the LED neon sign has replaced them, but the goal remains the same.

Moreover, Neon lights are affordable and last longer, making the investment meaningful.

Event and House Decoration 

The decoration is another field where you will see the use of the neon sign. Neon signs are easier to make, and you can design them in various sizes. In addition, they are perfect for both outdoor and indoor installations.

Figure 3 – Neon Sign For Party Decoration

You can use a neon sign to accentuate a feature wall or minimally illuminate a space giving a cool look. In public functions and parties like marriage or birthdays, neon signs have become a trend these days.

Neon signs are used to decorate houses and used to decorate bars and other public places.

Nightclubs And Bars


We have mentioned earlier that a Neon sign is great for signage, but neon signs have more uses when it comes to nightclubs and bars. They are not only used for signage there but also very crucial interior decorative materials.

If you own a bar or a nightclub, your guests need lights to find out your place, but too much light on the inside will ruin the mood of your guests. Therefore, you will need soft lighting, and nothing can be handier than a neon sign to save you.

Mikoo led neon sign

Figure 4 – Neon Signs Are Excellent For Bar Decoration

You can wrap a LED neon light strip around the bar to point out where to go when your customers are inside. Also, you can do the same for your dance floor. Moreover, you can put some signs inside with your logo to create a brand impact on your customers’ minds.

From the early 90s to these days, the Neon sign has been an integral part of nightclubs and bars. But the form has changed. These days, bar owners tend to use LED Neon flex lights instead of traditional gas neon signs.


Everybody loves to take pictures with their smartphone these days. Neon signs boost the aesthetics of a photograph lying in the background. Therefore, you will find neon lights in most party centers these days.

Expert photographers use neon lights in the background to shoot models.

4. How Long Does It Take To Make A Neon Sign? 

Manufacturing neon lights is not a lengthy process. Typically, it takes 1-3 days to complete a project of neon light manufacturing. Then manufacturers take 24-48 hours additional time to test the sign’s quality and then ship.

5. How Can You Mount Neon Signs? 

The main reason why people shifted from the traditional gas neon sign to the LED neon sign is because of its flexibility.

This Neon sign is super flexible, easy to install, and bendable. You can install LED neon signs outdoors, indoors, underhead, overhead, around corners, in tight spaces, and any other spaces you want. This neon sign does not come with any harmful gases, and you don’t need to take extra precautions to handle it.

mikoo led neon sign

Figure 5 – You Can Mount Your Neon Sign Anywhere

Neon flex lights are easy to install, and you can cut to size without any problem. You can bend them to the correct shape.

Steps to mount a neon sign:

Cut The Flex Tube 

Every LED neon sign strip comes with a variety of cutting marks making your cutting work easy. What you have to do is to use a sharp cutting blade at the point of connection. Using a sharp knife is a must for ensuring a straight cut.

That also ensures you don’t pull any internal wire. Suppose you stretch or pull any inner wire inside the strip that will damage the light. So, make sure you use a sharp blade while performing the cutting.

Attach connections 

You should heat the jumper’s female end or connector section using a heat gun before you find the plastic enclosure is slightly malleable.

Then you over the lighting strip, you have to position that section. Therefore, the female pin opening will correctly align with the male power pin’s end.

At the end of the flex strip, apply a bead of silicone sealant before attaching it to the power cord. This way, you can achieve a more waterproof seal.

After completing these steps with the strip, you can fix an end cut over the exposed cut. You will lie the other cut where the power cord is connected.

Connecting the Power Light Pin 

You should position your neon sign in a way so that its cut end’s exposed wires stay at the right-hand side.

Now, place the power pin inside your pliers and face the pin-end outwards. You should align the make power pin ends with the center of the strip’s exposed wire.

With the lighting strip in one hand and the pliers in the other, now it’s possible for you to put the power pin onto the pins of exposed strips. If correctly placed, the clear plastic clip located in the center of the power pin will perfectly connect with the strip’s end.

Connecting Power Cable 

You need to connect the power cable as we described for jumper or connector sections.

You should heat the connector’s female end and place it over the lighting strip’s end to align the female end’s opening with the male end’s pin.

Though silicone sealant is excellent for a more waterproof seal, you can use a heat shrink tube for your neon sign. You can position it at the connection joints and the power cord extending the tube three to four mm over the strip’s end.

Use a heat gun for shrinking the tubing around different connection points.

Make Sure the Connections are safe. 

Make sure everything with the connections is safe. And if you have used the heat gun, wait for light strips to completely cool before connecting it to the power.

6. How To Remove The Installed Neon Sign From Your Wall? 

Neon signs don’t possess any dangerous gases like old-fashioned classic neon signs. Therefore, removing a neon sign. You can simply remove it by unplugging the primary and internal connections.

But, if you installed a complex sign, we suggest calling an expert to remove the neon sign for you. This is not for your safety; that is for the protection of your neon sign. You don’t want them to break, do you?

7. What Is The Manufacturing Process Of LED Neon Light Signs?

There are 3 essential parts:

  • LED neon flex lights
  • Power supply and cables
  • Substrate/Backboard

At first, you will need the design of your sign as that will determine the template you will use in the project.

Selecting Neon Flex Lights

The neon sign’s quality largely depends on the quality of LED neon lights. Good brands offer the following features:

  • Excellent silicon encasing
  • Even and bright lighting
  • Consistent and radiant color
  • Energy efficiency and
  • Waterproof
  • Eco-friendly design.

Colour is also another important factor when choosing your LED neon lights. Prominent manufacturers will provide RGBW and RGB neon flex lights. Moreover, they offer more color options.

Preparing The Board 

LED neon lights are placed on a substrate or backboard. Most manufacturers use Acrylic plastic or PVC. They are durable and transparent, and lights beam through them accurately.

The preparation of the substrate largely depends on the template. You have to measure the width and length first, according to the sketch. Then you have to cut them to size. For home use, you can get pre-cut backboards.

Some manufacturers sketch the letters while others curve the letter or the shape. Both are appropriate, but the curved one provides better accuracy.

At last, you have drill holes at each point.

Putting The Sign Together 

After preparing the substrate, you have to assemble your LED neon light sign following the following:

  • You have to use a thread to measure the length of every portion
  • Cut the LED neon light strip to the same length
  • You have to make the cut at the points, or you will damage the lights
  • Now repeat the process for every light.


You have to connect every LED neon flex light to the next one to complete the circuit.

You have to use a perfect adhesive to attach the cut Neon flex section and the backboard.

Some connective wire stays exposed at the end of each cut.

You have to connect a thin conductor wire and solder to make the bond.

Then you need to glue the wire to the board’s back through the holes you drilled between letters.

Repeat this process in every section.

Now solder the segments of conductor wire threaded to the back and completed the circuit.

Now connect the end of the circuit to the power source.

Power up the circuit, and it should glow the light.

mikoo led neon sign

Figure 6 – LED neon signs

8. What Are The Materials Used For Neon Signs?

Unlike typical neon signs, a LED neon sign doesn’t need any gas or glass tube. Therefore, the manufacturing process of neon signs is straightforward.

mikoo led neon sign

Figure 7 – Leds Are Used To Manufacture Neon Signs

Here are the components of a LED neon sign:

  • Light Emitting Diodes (LED).
  • Silicon
  • LED strip

9. What Are The Benefits Of Neon Signs?

Neon signs are used in both commercial and personal use. They can benefit a business by improving branding and making a party look gorgeous. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Visibility: Neon signs are luminous and are visible from a long distance. It attracts customers and makes a party more colorful.
  • Design Freedom: With a neon sign, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design. You can design virtually anything.
  • Night Time Visibility: A neon sign makes a business visible at night to offer its services or products.
  • Energy-Efficient: Neon signs are not that costly, and considering their effectiveness, they are also cost-effective.
  • Long Lifespan: With proper care, neon signs sustain a decade.
  • Easy Setup: Setting up neon signs is pretty straightforward. You don’t need professional help to set up standard neon signs.

10. Are Neon Signs Cost-Effective? 

Traditional neon signs are expansive but LED neon signs are less expensive and provide various benefits over conventional neon signs.

Considering the outcome, what you can achieve from a neon sign can benefit you in various ways. From advertising to indoor and outdoor photoshoots, Neon signs make a huge difference.

Moreover, a neon sign sustains a long year if you can adequately care, which makes it not only an excellent advertising tool but also hugely cost-effective.

11. Are Neon Signs Eco-Friendly?

A LED neon sign does not come with gas and does not produce any harmful gas to pollute the air. Moreover, every part of this neon sign is recyclable. Therefore, this kind of neon sign is totally eco-friendly.

A Neon sign lasts long years and makes no harmful impact on the environment.

12. Do Neon Signs Last Long? 

How long your neon sign will sustain depends on the care and usage. The average lifespan of a LED neon sign is 5-8  years. But your neon sign will last longer if you take proper care and manage your usage.

For example, if you leave your LED neon sign for a more extended period, that will reduce the lifespan by a great deal. Electrical surges and heat can also affect the lifespan of your neon sign.

13. How To Choose A Good Quality Custom Neon Sign Supplier?

A good quality neon sign supplier must have the following qualities:

Experience: It takes years of experience to master good quality LED neon signs. So, experience is the most crucial factor you should consider before choosing a neon sign supplier.

Certification: The manufacturer should have all the documents required. If they fail to show their credentials or backdated certificate, do not do business with them.

Reasonable production rate: Neon signs don’t take too much time to manufacture. A good neon sign manufacturer can deliver an order in 3-5 days with a quality test.

Proper Packaging: It is a fragile item. Improper packaging can damage your neon signs. A good neon sign manufacturer will supply your order, maintaining adequate precautions to save them from any external pressure.

Besides those qualities, a good neon sign manufacturer must have an excellent QC team and offer an excellent shipping facility.

14. What Are The Installation Methods Of Neon Signs?

To hang a neon sign on a wall, you have to hold it up to the location you want to put it on. Then drill the area you want to hang your neon sign. Then unscrew the front part of the fixing provided by the manufacturer.

Now screw in the small screw using a Philip screwdriver. Repeat the process in the four corners. Now hold the neon sign according to the holes and put the rest of the fixing to complete the installation process.

This is one installation method. But there are many other methods to install neon signs.

15. Can I Make A Complicated Logo With Neon Light? 

Yes, you can display a complicated logo or design with neon light.

Figure 8 – You can make a complicated design with the neon sign

LED neon signs have a flexible strip, and you can bend them any way you wish. So, it doesn’t matter how complicated the logo is. You can use neon signs to show that in a unique way.

16. How To Customize Neon Signs?

Neon signs Manufacturers offer customized Neon signs. You can choose between original neon or LED neon sign for your customized neon sign.

Neon signs can produce any sign, complicated or straightforward. You can also choose any color that suits your brand or the party environment.

17. What Are The Sizes Of Neon Signs?

A Neon sign can come in various sizes. Which size to choose depends on the purpose of your neon sign. Here are standard sizes of neon signs for multiple uses:

  • For Living rooms 75Cm or 29 inches to 200 cm or 79 inches.
  • For Bedrooms 50Cm or 20 inches to 150 cm or 60 inches.
  • For kids room 50 Cm or 20 inches to 100 cm or 60 inches
  • For Offices and Shops 100 cm or 40 inches to 250 cm to 99 inch
  • For weeding 75 cm or 29 inches to 150 cm to 59 inches

Those are the standard sizes, but you can make your own size also.

18. How Much Does The Neon Sign Cost? 

The price of a neon sign starts from 50 dollars and goes from up to thousands of dollars.

mikoo led neon sign

Figure 9 – The customized neon sign

The price of a neon sign depends on various factors. Of them, the most important factors are:

  • The size.
  • The design complexity
  • Extended features such as waterproofing.
  • The manufacturer, some, asks for more money than others.


A LED neon sign is less expensive than traditional neon signs and offers more design options. A neon sign makes your signage more vibrant and attracts more people to visit your store. For indoor and outdoor events, they are also convenient.

We hope this guide on the neon sign has helped you learn more about this excellent signage tool. If you want to learn more or are planning on a project, send us a message. Our experts will be in touch with you.


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