Where is the production base of LED strips in China?

The following are the top ten led light strip production bases.

1,Shenzhen  2,Guangzhou  3,Jiangmeng  4,Zhongshan  5,Foshan  6,Dongguan    7, Ningbo  8,Shanghai   9,Hangzhou 10,Xiamen



Shenzhen is a major hub for LED strip production in China.

It is home to numerous LED lighting manufacturers and suppliers.


Guangzhou  is another important city for LED strip production.

It has a well-developed manufacturing sector and extensive supply chain networks.


Jiangmeng, in Guangdong province, it is an emerging  LED light strip production base.

high-quality government services and preferential tax policies attracted many factories.


Zhongshan, in Guangdong province, is  a significant LED lighting production center.

LED strip manufacturing is one of the key industries in this city.


Foshan,  in Guangdong province, is renowned for its lighting and electronics manufacturing.

It is home to several LED strip manufacturers and suppliers.


Dongguan,  in Guangdong province, is known for its well-established manufacturing industry.

LED strip production is one of the industries thriving in this city.


Ningbo, in Zhejiang province,  is known for its strong electronics and manufacturing industry.

LED strip production is one of the key industries in this city.


Shanghai has a significant presence in the LED strip manufacturing industry.

Many LED lighting companies have production facilities or offices in Shanghai.


Hangzhou,  in Zhejiang province, is another city with a thriving LED strip production base.

It hosts several LED lighting manufacturers and has a supportive industrial ecosystem.


Xiamen,  in Fujian province, has a growing presence in the LED lighting industry..

It is known for its export-oriented manufacturing capabilities.

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